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Director / Producer / Writer


About Shannon

Meet Shannon Molly Flynn, a Bronx-based visionary who wears multiple artistic hats as a director, producer, and writer. With a passion for storytelling that transcends traditional theater norms, Shannon thrives on collaborative experiences at every stage of her creative process. Her artistic journey is driven by a desire to immerse audiences in emotionally powerful narratives, thoughtfully crafted designs, and captivating soundscapes. Through her work, she explores themes of community strength, existential questioning, and the profound beauty found in life's smallest moments. For Shannon, the power of storytelling should be accessible to all.

Her remarkable journey in the world of production began out of necessity, growing up in the groundbreaking theater community of early-2000's Seattle. Village Theater and the 5th Ave played pivotal roles in shaping her passion for this community-changing art form. As an aspiring artist with limited means, she found her way into the theater world through Village's work-study opportunities, which enabled her to pay for productions and classes through hard work. Shannon's time spent in administrative offices and on production teams not only funded her education but also nurtured her young mind, igniting a spark that she would carry forward.

Studying Musical Theater at Montclair State University introduced Shannon to lifelong collaborators who shared her vision for pushing the boundaries of theater. Shortly after graduating, fellow Montclair alumni approached her with an exciting opportunity to direct and produce a production at the renowned midtown theater, Medicine Show. With unwavering enthusiasm, Shannon embraced the chance and launched her path as a director and producer.

From that initial production, a cascade of successes followed, leading Shannon to establish herself as the Founding Producing Artistic Director of Normal Ave, an esteemed nonprofit organization. Over the past 6 years, Normal Ave has become a beacon for original works and world premieres, producing a remarkable three shows annually and hosting a vibrant New Works Festival.

Shannon Flynn's artistic journey is a testament to her dedication, passion, and unyielding belief in the power of storytelling. With every project she undertakes, she continues to challenge and transform the world of theater, leaving an indelible impact on both her collaborators and the audiences who experience her work.

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